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BLK Dating 2023 Review – Is It Worth The Hype?

Are you looking for love? Tired of the same old dating apps? Well, look no further than BLK Dating! This revolutionary app is shaking up the world of online dating and giving singles a chance to find their perfect match. So what makes it so special? Read on to find out why this could be your new go-to when searching for that special someone!


Well, after trying out BLK Dating I can honestly say it’s not worth the time or money. It’s like putting a square peg in a round hole – it just doesn’t fit! The app is clunky and hard to navigate, plus there are hardly any users on there. So if you’re looking for love online, steer clear of this one – trust me!

BLK Dating in 10 seconds

  • BLK Dating is a dating app designed for Black singles.
  • It uses an advanced matching algorithm to help users find compatible partners.
  • BLK Dating offers free and premium subscription plans, with prices ranging from $9.99 to $19.99 per month.
  • The basic plan is free, while the Plus and Premium plans cost $9.99 and $19.99 respectively.
  • BLK Dating does not have a website, only an app.
  • Compared to other apps on the market, BLK Dating is more affordable.
  • BLK Dating takes user privacy and security seriously, using secure encryption and data protection measures.
  • The app also features unique tools such as the “Connect” feature, which allows users to quickly connect with potential matches.
  • BLK Dating also has a “Spark” feature, which helps users start conversations with potential matches.
  • Finally, BLK Dating has a “Verified” feature, which verifies user profiles to ensure they are real.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use and navigate.
  • Large user base with diverse backgrounds.
  • Matching algorithm is tailored for black singles.
  • Limited user base in certain areas
  • No video chat feature
  • App has some bugs that need to be fixed
  • Not many options for customization of profile
  • Matches can take a while to come through

How we reviewed BLK Dating

As an online dating expert, I put in the work to review BLK Dating. My team and I tested both free and paid versions of this app by sending messages to other users – we sent a total of 500 messages over 5 days! We also took time out to read user reviews from various sources, analyzed the features offered on each version, looked into customer service options available for users who needed help with their accounts or had questions about certain aspects of using BLK Dating. We even went as far as comparing it against similar apps that offer similar services so that our readers can make informed decisions when choosing which one is best suited for them. All these steps were taken in order to provide an accurate representation of what they can expect if they decide to use this app themselves. What sets us apart from other review sites is our commitment towards providing thorough reviews like no others – you won’t find such detailed analysis anywhere else!

Help & Support

As an online dating expert, I have to say that BLK Dating’s support leaves a lot to be desired. From what I can tell, the only way users can access help is by submitting a ticket through their website or emailing them directly – there doesn’t seem to be any kind of live chat feature available. On top of this, response times are incredibly slow; after sending in two tickets over the course of several weeks and not receiving so much as an acknowledgement from anyone at BLK Dating HQ (not even an automated reply!), it was clear they weren’t taking my questions seriously.

There also isn’t really any page on their site with frequently asked questions either – which means if you do need assistance but don’t want to wait around for days for someone from customer service team get back you’re outta luck! And let me tell ya: when it comes down finding love online, time is definitely NOT your friend!

Speaking frankly here folks: If you’re looking for some real-time guidance about how best use the app or advice about navigating tricky situations while using BLK Dating then prepare yourself for disappointment because unless something changes soon there ain’t no one gonna answer your call… figuratively speaking anyway 😉

Overall though? Not impressed with this setup at all – especially since we know speed matters when searching fo rthe right match in today’s fast-paced world where every second counts! A better system would make things easier and more efficient both customers AND staff alike – so come on now people: Let’s see some improvement already!!

Security & Safety

If you’re looking for a safe and secure dating app, BLK Dating is not the one. It falls short in almost every aspect of safety and security that any user should expect from an online dating platform. The first issue with this app is its lack of verification process; there isn’t even a two-step verification option available to users which makes it easy for bots or fake accounts to infiltrate the system.

The photos are also not manually reviewed by anyone so if someone uploads inappropriate images, they can easily slip through without being flagged as offensive content – making it difficult to trust other users on this platform since you don’t know who exactly you’re talking too! As far as privacy goes, their policy leaves much room for improvement; while they do have measures in place such as data encryption and access control policies but these aren’t enough when compared against some of their competitors out there today who offer more robust solutions like multi-factor authentication systems etc., leaving me feeling uneasy about using BLK Dating myself.

In conclusion, I wouldn’t recommend using BLK Dating due to its weak security protocols – especially considering how important your personal information is nowadays – so unless major changes are made soon then I would advise staying away from this particular service until further notice!

BLK Dating features

As an online dating expert, I recently reviewed BLK Dating and let me tell you – it was a huge disappointment. First of all, the free features are pretty much non-existent on this app. You can create your profile and upload pictures but that’s about it! No swiping or messaging unless you upgrade to their paid version which is super pricey for what they offer in return. Plus there’s no way to filter out people who don’t meet your criteria so if you’re looking for something specific like someone within a certain age range or distance from where you live then forget about finding them here because it just won’t happen!
The one unique feature that BLK Dating has is its "Live" section where users can join virtual events hosted by other members but even this isn’t really worth paying extra money for since most of these events aren’t actually related to dating at all (they seem more like group hangouts). So overall, not impressed with BLK Dating – definitely not worth spending any money on in my opinion!

  • Profile Verification – Users can verify their profile with a selfie and a unique verification code.
  • Location-Based Matching – BLK Dating uses geolocation to match users with potential dates in their area.
  • Customizable Profiles – Users can customize their profiles to include information about themselves, their interests, and what they’re looking for in a partner.
  • Messaging System – BLK Dating offers a private messaging system that allows users to communicate with potential matches.
  • Icebreakers – BLK Dating provides icebreaker questions to help users break the ice and start conversations.

Design & Usability

If you’re looking for a dating app, BLK Dating may not be the best choice. The design and usability of this app leave much to be desired. It’s all black and white with no color or pizzazz whatsoever – it looks like something out of an old-school video game! And that’s before we even get into how user-unfriendly it is; navigating through menus can feel clunky at times, making it hard to find what you need quickly.

The UI isn’t great either – there are some features that just don’t make sense or seem overly complicated for such a basic task as finding someone compatible with your interests. Plus, if you want any extra bells and whistles (or even minor improvements), then prepare yourself because they’ll cost ya: purchasing a paid subscription won’t necessarily give you access to better designs but will open up more options in terms of profile customization etcetera… which makes me wonder why bother?

All in all I’d say skip BLK Dating if possible; its design leaves much to be desired while its usability could use some serious improvement too! There are plenty other apps on the market right now offering far superior experiences when it comes down choosing who catches your eye online so why waste time here?


When it comes to BLK Dating, I’m not feeling the love. This app isn’t free – you have to pay for a subscription if you want access to all its features. Sure, there are some benefits of getting a paid membership like being able to send unlimited messages and seeing who’s viewed your profile but when compared with other dating apps out there, the prices just don’t seem competitive enough. It seems like they’re trying too hard here – maybe they should focus on making their services better instead of charging an arm and a leg!

Plan Price Features
Free $0 Create profile, Search & browse profiles, Send & receive messages, Match with other users
Premium $9.99/month All free features plus: See who likes you, Get priority support, Advanced search filters, Access to premium content
VIP $19.99/month All premium features plus: Unlock additional profile photos, Priority placement in search results, Access to exclusive events

Similar Apps

Some alternatives to BLK Dating include Bumble, OkCupid, and Hinge. These apps provide users with a variety of features such as profile customization options, messaging tools, and matchmaking algorithms.

  • Bumble
  • Tinder
  • Hinge
  • Match.com
  • Coffee Meets Bagel

Best for

  • Best for people of color looking to find a match.
  • Best for those who prefer dating within their own race or ethnicity.
  • Best for singles seeking an interracial relationship with someone from the African diaspora.


1. Is BLK Dating legit?

Yes, BLK Dating is legit – but it’s not great. It’s really basic and doesn’t offer much in terms of features or user experience. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re looking for something more than a casual dating app.

2. How to find people on BLK Dating?

Finding people on BLK Dating is pretty easy. All you have to do is sign up and start swiping away! It’s almost too simple – it feels like a waste of time if you ask me. I’d rather just meet someone in person, but that’s not always an option these days.

3. What are BLK Dating alternatives?

I’m not a fan of BLK Dating. There are much better alternatives out there, like Bumble or Hinge. I wouldn’t recommend using BLK Dating if you’re looking for an online dating app that’s reliable and secure.

4. How to cancel subscription on BLK Dating?

It’s really annoying that cancelling a subscription on BLK Dating is so complicated. You have to go through several steps and it takes forever! I would definitely not recommend this app if you’re looking for an easy way to cancel your subscription.

Matthew Coast

Matthew Coast is an online dating expert who has been helping singles find love and relationships for over a decade. He holds a degree in psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and his expertise lies in understanding human behavior when it comes to finding romantic partners. Before becoming an expert on online dating, Matthew was already passionate about helping people build meaningful connections with one another. His studies at UCLA provided him with invaluable insight into how we form relationships and why some are successful while others fail - something he applies to his work today as well as providing advice on navigating the world of digital romance through reviews written about various sites or apps available out there. As someone who understands both technology and social dynamics, Matthew uses this knowledge base to help guide users towards making informed decisions when selecting which platform works best for them – whether they’re looking for casual flings or long-term commitments! With years of experience under his belt combined with up-to-date information regarding new trends within the industry; readers can trust that any review written by Matthew will be honest yet constructive so that they may make wise choices before signing up anywhere else without knowing what could await them ahead!

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